Dark Dwarf

a dangerous and malicious priest encountered in the sewers below Dampbricks


The duergar are fell cousins of dwarves. This dark priest of an unknown god was encountered directly below The Joyous Slaker in Dampbricks, leading a pack of goblins. He was able to charm Jaxson, the paladin, briefly, but the charm was broken when he subsequently was charmed by Alena. Quickly freed from this charm when she suggested that he send his goblins away, the duergar priest next smote Jaxson with an unholy touch. The battle was grisly. Before it was over, not only had Jaxson been killed, but Ichi was bled unconscious, Alena was knocked out, and only Serenio remained to go get help.

The whereabouts of this vile priest are unknown, though he may still maintain his lair, along with his goblin underlings, under the Slaker.

Dark Dwarf

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