The Metropolis of Semnavoldt

Semnavoldt is a large city on the continent of Yardre. Originally a center of elven culture in prehistoric times, Semnavoldt is still home to a sizable population of elves, although the ratio of humans to elves is roughly 2:1. Half-elves are also common, making up 15% of the population. Gnomes, haffolk, and dwarves are less common, and in the affluent noble districts are held as property by slaveholders. Escaped slaves seek anonymity and protection in the impoverished districts of Dampbricks, Rickets, Gather’s Grab, Thisk, New Gambler’s Den, Smokebricks, Rustell, and Mudge, where strong community elements keep them hidden.

The city lies in the nebulous border regions of the Semmas Province of Garmorg. It is officially a protectorate of Garmorg, which is a colonizing force of great wealth and power centered roughly 400 miles northwest of Semnavoldt.


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