This goddess of sleep, visions, death, and night was originally revered by human and elven tribes surrounding the cultural center of Semnavoldt millennia before it grew into the city that it now is. Her faithful hold that Cambrisia resides in a plane of phantasms and visions which is at times coterminous with the normal world. Most of her holy days fall in autumn and winter, and the goddess is believed to be mostly dormant during the seasons of spring and summer, although this does not reduce the powers of her oracles, priestesses, and priests. She is, after all, the goddess of sleep and visions, and so is not at all hindered in her visionary activities during her long summer slumbers.

Cambrisia and Hiraevun, the god of rain, floods, silence, and dying, are believed by some to be partners, while others believe that the two deities are closer still, being essentially two manifestations of a greater, usually unnamed, deity.

Temples of Cambrisia are formally known as Oracles, which is a source of some confusion, as the high priestesses of this goddess also bear the title of Oracle. Male priests are rare, and male priests attaining the rank of Oracle are expected to grow their hair long and dress in the more feminine vestments of Oracles. While there are little formal rules and dogma within the cult, generally there is only one high priestess at each temple; thus, the term Oracle refers both to the high priestess of the temple and the temple itself. In the event of the advent of a second high priestess at a particular Oracle, it is expected that she will leave her temple and build a new Oracle elsewhere. Although the faith is centered in the lower-class districts of Semnavoldt and is unwelcome in the more affluent districts, it has spread in recent decades. Several Oracles are located between Semnavoldt and the southern kingdom of Oussien Torque, and the Torqueans have responded with some interest to this new religion.

The principle sacrament of the faith is the trance medicine [[Drugs & Entheogens | Ami-Ami]]. The faithful know this brew as a sentient being, not quite a demigod, but an other-planar being in close relationship with Cambrisia. Ami-Ami is a shape-shifting trickster with a dark sense of purpose and humor, sometimes appearing in loathsome forms to those deep in its trance. Priestesses approach it with respect and caution, and must develop a relationship with it as they would with any other individual. It is known to antagonize those that partake in its essence without proper respect, even long after the brew that contains its essence has left their bodies.


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