game sessions 4 and 5

Ironday, Applenbreand 4th

Ichi, Alena, Serenio, Jaxson, and Eleusis head back into the sewers to acquire a charcoal rubbing of the rune-covered door. Encounter ghouls. Jaxson and Ichi lead the group into goblin lair. Encounter a number of goblins led by a duergar priest. This priest smites Jaxson, slaying him. Ichi is mortally wounded, then bandaged by Alena. Alena is knocked unconscious. Only Serenio escapes through a trap door into the cellar of the Joyous Slaker. She tries to recuit help from a banjo-playing bard, but is unsuccessful until a few Hectorian guards led by Tedrik show up and charge into the cellars.

Grindday, Applenbreand 5th

The group recovers from its wounds; Jaxson has been raised from the dead by Deborah Jaella, the lead minister of the Temple of Nana.

Turnday, Applenbreand 6th

Ichi is nowhere to be found. In the evening, a group of circus performers arrives in Dampbricks. James Wellington shows up at the Slaker, dirty, unshaven, and seemingly quite disturbed. He drinks heavily. The party returns to the cellars to claim the contents of a chest that they had brought up from the sewers two days earlier. With some work, Malwon, a rogue recruited from the circus performers, is able to open the chest. Unfortunately, and although it had definitely contained coins and possibly other valuables when they brought it up, the chest was empty.

Darkday, Applenbreand 7th

The party traveled to Northwatch in order to contact a sage, Norune Drake, about the rubbings. Drake told them that he is a historian, not a linguist, and unable to help them with the runes. He suggested they contact a sage named Ahrens in Erwyld, a village west of Dampbricks.

Drinksday, Applenbreand 8th (Apple Festival, Dampbricks)

On the way to Erwyld, the PCs encountered several guards along logging roads. After some questioning, the guards told the PCs that there is a nest of drakes confounding the efforts of the loggers. Guards tried to proposition the PCs to kill the drakes.

At Erwyld, the PCs rented a room at the Sweetwater Bookshop. They also met up with the linguist Ahrens and showed him the rubbings of the runes from down in the sewers. Ahrens studied these and told them that he could research the document for a fee of 200 gold drachma a week, and it would probably take a couple of weeks to fully research. The PCs kept the rubbings and told Ahrens that they would think about it.

Causeday, Applenbreand 9th

PCs checked out the temple to the southwest of Erwyld. They were shut out of the temple. They scouted down the hill from the temple and faced off with eight zombies. Alena was mortally wounded, but bandaged. Wellington scouted further down past the dead forest to a giant, dead tree that seemed to actually be a hollow structure of some sort. There was a small entrance into it.

Applenbreand 10th and 11th (Bread Festival, Dampbricks)

Resting and healing at the Sweetwater Bookshop in Erwyld.

Ironday, Applenbreand 12th

Journeyed to Smolt Hill. Ambushed by four orcs and two orogs. Wounded, the party limped to the top of Smolt Hill to make it to the village and shrine of Kolhanah.



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