Game Session 6

Grindday, Applenbreand 13th

  • Serenio meets with Pol Kanakol, receives instructions for sacred bundle.
  • Dwarven blacksmith complains to Pol Kanakol about how Wellington stole his ancestral blacksmith hammer.
  • PCs descend Smolt Hill to check in with Valdther, who tells them that the orcs raid about twice a week. Valdther and his soldiers cannot get organized to mount an attack; when they have, they have been consistently ambushed in the Savage Woods. They have discovered that there is an encampment or even small town several miles to the west.
  • Malwon uses his bardic tale to boost the morale of 2 units of soldiers (became friendly); failed with 2 units (became cautious).

Turnday, Applenbreand 14th

  • Scouted temple and the enormous tree down the hill from it.
  • Inside the tree, discovered a carving of a devilish head with horns and a gaping black hole for a mouth. When things were tossed into the hole, they vanished with a sizzle.
  • Made sketch of devil face. Got rubbing of runes/glyphs near the entrance to the tree.
  • Encountered giant termites and a band of orcs inside the tree.
  • Back in the woods west of the tree, PCs encountered and defeated 10 zombies. Eleusis bound three of them to her will using the instruments of her faith.

The session ended after the encounter with the zombies in the woods—late evening on App 14th.



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